Queensland Globe Tool – Assisting Buyers!

Queensland Globe is a FREE Queensland Government online interactive tool that could be an invaluable resource for potential buyers.  The tool transforms physical, geographical, and spatial data about a selected location into map format.  This can be downloaded and used on your smart phone, tablet, PC and Mac. Queensland Globe provides access to in excess…Read More→

Changes to Withholding Tax Rules

From July 1st 2017, the changes announced in May’s Federal Budget in regard to withholding tax for foreign residents selling properties valued at $750,000 and above, come into effect.  Previously, this only applied to properties $2 million and above; real estate agents and vendors selling properties above this $750K price range, need to be aware….Read More→


RE/MAX Australia recognised Sunshine Coast’s Lee Sutherland amongst its high achievers at the group’s annual awards held on 16th February at Brisbane City Hall. Managing Director Michael Davoren said on the back of mostly solid 2016 markets across Australia, the outlook was generally good for 2017. He said even with the positive vibes in the…Read More→


RE/MAX Australia celebrated Lee Sutherland’s induction into the RE/MAX International Hall of Fame at the real estate network’s gala annual awards held at Brisbane City Hall this month. RE/MAX Australia’s Managing Director Michael Davoren said the international honour belonged to an elite group whose members have generated more than $1millionUS in commission with RE/MAX. Hall…Read More→

Conveyancing: The Facts

Anyone partaking in a property transaction most likely have had to deal with a Conveyancer. A Conveyancer is the person who oversees and manages the actual sale transaction; their role differs from state to state, but essentially, they are involved in preparing and/or reviewing the sales contract and other legal documents involved in buying or…Read More→

Renovate with CARE! Risks to be AWARE of.

Renovating is a national pastime in Australia for many.  It can be rewarding and profitable, and some stunning transformations are often achieved for many to admire.  In fact, some of our most highly television programs are renovation shows; as the nation tunes in to see the agony and the ecstasy each week as the work…Read More→

Important Changes to QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation

From January 01 2017 there are important changes to Queensland’s Smoke Alarm Legislation which ALL Queensland property owners need to be aware of; compliance is mandatory.  All Queensland dwellings will be legally required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms and in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling. This…Read More→

How To Value Property

These days everyone has an opinion on real estate; many like to tell real estate agents at BBQs and other social events how much their property is worth, how their neighbour ‘under sold’ and got ‘ripped off’ and so on…it’s practically a national sport! However, actually placing a price on a property clearly requires some…Read More→

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